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Jim Davidson
Charlie Darling
Mickie Pugh

Well done Danny........You did a brilliant job keeping the entire evening going at Lakeside tonight - Michael Pugh
Great Night Had by All Gary Casey
Just got back from what can only be described as a night of pure comedy spent with the K.I.L gang. Thanks to Jim Davidson Michael Pugh Danny Blue and Jimmy Jones. All for a good cause Care After Combat.Not sure how much was raised but what ever it was it will be well appreciated.Derek Cobbing
I hve Just got home from a gents eve , one of the funniest in a long time! And treated with another gorgeous girl yummy! Lucky happy girl Tonite! with Danny Blue . Redd
Hi, a group of us lads attended a show you put on at the Royal Social Snooker Club recently. Which was a right laugh by the way. I've spread the word and a fair number of my friends are interested in coming down to another one of your shows. Just wondering if you had any more info on when or where that would be.
If you could get back to me that'd be great.
Cheers Bobby
From Guestbook entry 108.
Tremendous show @ the Pavillion, Charlie, Sky and Morgan class strippers and you ain't so bad yourself. The boys are saying the funniest man we seen here for years. My old man is going to book you for a comedy night at his club. The coffee drinking man rules. From Guestbook entry 106. Loz
Thanks Danny, Charlie and Morgan for entertaining the lads at Witham Rugby Club on Saturday night...They loved it! And are still talking about how great a night it was! We will definitely be booking again, for another hilarious night. Thanks again!

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Charlie Stringer,
Cheers for tonight mate ! Absolutely cracking evening on behalf of Alton rugby club and myself!!! 12th December 2015 (Captains Curry Night Gentlemen's show)

Cheers Danny, Karina, and Charlie another top night will speak soon and working on Ladies Night cheers Nigel Geordie Wakefield 26-07-2013
Thank you for a brilliant night, still laughing this morning. I have not laughed so much in ages ! Can't wait to do it again ! ! Such a brilliant night was missed - there loss ! X Elaine Grant (Booker Bashley Football Cub) 22-06-2013
Thanks for the compliments, we will make sure when we invite you back later in the year that we have an audience worthy of your talents. Some good performances from our lads during the evening which bodes well for the new season! I should have rested at home yesterday but there was just too much fun to be had. Mike Cranidge (Bashley FC)
David AllenOne of the most hilarious comedians in the business who has worked for all the leading agents and had his bare arse slapped on stage by many a randy woman at hen nights, You deserve it Danny for making thousands of people happy over the years in a light hearted way....David Allen
Allen David International Entertainments
Danny, Thanks for a great night at Bashley on Saturday. It's a testament to your professionalism that you put on such a great show for such a small (but quality) crowd. Steve Poupard (Bashley FC)

Fantastic night last night Blue.....Wellingborough Loved ya as always!!!...The Girls were pretty Hot too..will look to book you again in the future for the forth time you have never let us down top man and thanks again....From Coach & Horses Wellingborough...  

Thank you playing our club, the guys had fantastic night! you and the girls really gave them a great show! hope we can have you back again soon xx - Tracy Balman Hadleigh Conservative Club

Danny Blue This was a "Sods Opera" Gentlemans evening, thats what was on the tin and thats exactly what you got. If you were expecting something different then ....unlucky .... but very lucky for those that atttended. It was an enjoyable night, what more can one say..... Tommy Harris

Danny we had a great night at the Croygas stag show. Fantastic strippers. I have seen you around Wallington for years and would never have imagined you were such a talented comedian. I have signed up to your facebook page and we will come to another show when you are not too far away. Thank you for a great show
John Turner
FromGuestbook entry No.92
Gentlmen's evening with Charlie and Cherry, Top night mate cheers again you and the girls never disappoint ... thanks :) Luke Daniell Angel Hayes

Cheers for the night guys, it was a blinder, shame so many missed out!! Craig & Sean Decon-Adams

Danny, Thanks 4 a great nite. Keep in contact. I Want 2 book you again for 2 nites in Dublin.
Westbury Wiltshire June 2009

Stephen Lee - World Snooker Championship Semifinalist 2003
Hey Danny, Had a wicked night at the illchester arms last night! That was the 3rd stag party so far this year for me, one of them being in amsterdam, and your's was by far the best of em by a long way!. I Would be happy to write this on ya webpage if you've got a comments page or something? Strippers were awsome but the comedy made the night! Keep up the good work, n look after that ticker!
Thanks very much Danny, it was a great night and so much better than last years. I went round and had a chat with quite a few people in the hall and not one complaint and everyone commented how good it was compared to the act we booked before. Pass my thanks on to the girls as they were very professional throughout. Numbers were down, but with TA guys just being told they are next to go Afghanistan, I suspect a lot of them decided to spend time with the family, and I don't blame. We sold close to 70 tickets and was supposed to get 20 on the door, but numbers didn't reflect that. Dennis is looking to book a visit to your Lodge in the Future, so I'm sure we will cross paths again soon. Take care and if anyone asks for a reference from any of your bookings in the future, feel free to point them in our direction for a glowing review. Dave Maybank ...Dagenham Royal British Legion
Hi Danny Thanks for the show last night. Please feel free to put this on the Testimonials area on your site. QUOTE: " Many thanks to Danny and his two gorgeous assistants, Siobahn and Tara who put on such a fabulous show for all the players and guests last night. This was the most memorable Players Award night yet so much so the players are already asking me when is he comimg back. I never knew shaving foam had so many uses. Best wishes to you and the girls. See you soon. Steve Dodd, Tadley RFC
QUOTE: Once again mate you pulled out the stops for me on Friday. What a fantastic night with 3 of the sexiest girls ever. The club was still buzzing on Saturday with all the guys boasting about there little treats they got. And of course your fantastic approach of putting on a great stag night.
once again cheers mate ... Les Evans Southfields Club

QUOTE: Hi ya Danny Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thankyou, for making the men's night that we held, such a SUCCESSFUL one...The boys here are already asking me when are we having you back To all you people out there who are thinking of booking a mens Danny, you wont be disappointed....I had no trouble at all ,the girls are of a different league and done a fantastic show...will not hesitate to have them back.... EXCELLENT! A VERY FUNNY COMEDIAN, WHO MADE EVERYBODY LAUGH XXXXX Claire, Pot Black Sports Bar Bury St. Edmunds

QUOTE: Many thanks Danny for a great night. Although we were all probably getting towards the end of a long days drinking I have only had very positive feedback about the night and we thought you, Sarah and Billie put on a fabulous show for us all. Let me know if you are in the area again as I would like to come and see you. Keep up the good work there's nothing like the ability to make people laugh.
All the very best to you all . ...Dave Thomas Northampton
Danny, I know your a busy man, but a few members have been asking about the photos you said you would send through from our night at the club, needless to say you and the girls went down a storm, almost all have asked when we will be having a repeat evening ...
QUOTE: Hi Danny Firstly thanks for a great bit of work the other night at the Memorial Hall, Hardingham. All the lads had a great night and said to say a big thank you. Thanks again Danny and hopefully we will be in touch about another event soon ...Cheers Shaun Groom
QUOTE: The venue said that the stag was excellent and that they will contact us in the future with more bookings.

Susi Harris (Promises) Thank-you x x x 15th May 2008
Cheers mate for another great night you and the girls were superb again the feedback was that everyone there had a good night and found the show very funny I would not hesitate to recommend you to others and I can only apologies for the small crowd your show and the girls deserve better I was let down badly by the footie team .
Would hope to book you again in the future and will contact you soon about the girls night.
Once again mate thanks for a good night and stay lucky. .....Cheers Jason Dean
QUOTE: A great comedian, who's like a "breath of fresh air". (Alternative comedy is shit) This politically incorrect comedian grabs the attention of his audience and keeps them listening. Danny pushes his audience's humour button to the next level with surprising one-liners, main stream jokes and funny stories of his "dwarf-throwing" days. You will always be one of my favourites, you're a very funny comedian, and could not be a nicer guy. Keep up the great work and I'll see ya next year geezer. Keep 'em laughing, ..... Russell Matthews
QUOTE: When Danny Blue takes the stage and let's loose with his no-holds-barred comedy assult, you know you are in for a wild time. There's an edge to his comedy and he walks it like a tight rope exploding a variety of racial. ethnic and gender stereo types along the way. No group is safe from Danny's lethal wit but there's no meanness behind it . As a result, audiences find themselves laughing out loud at his outrageous observations. -

Simon Green - Tamworth Staffs.
QUOTE: Danny I was at the excellent performance that you put on on Saturday an explosive and dazzling display ( I was the chef) I am also the chairman at the club and would like to use the photos on the web site to promote other nights of fun and debauchery. Hope you enjoyed the steaks? ...Richard
QUOTE: You know that I am extremely grateful to you for having come and spoken for us. I asked round the Committee, afterwards, for their reaction, and I am pasting in the replies which I got. According to Mark Barlow who actually organised the evening the feedback which he heard was entirely positive, and I must say the same has been the case with me. I think that people picked up that you were rather nervous, but they attributed this (rightly) to the fact that you were taking very great care not to offend anyone. You certainly succeeded! I too enjoyed the evening and your company. I have, as I think I have mentioned, attempted a little comedy myself, before now; and I love watching a professional work an audience.

You are indeed, as Charlie Kray so picturesquely put it: (“A bloody funny man”;) and I do believe that you should think about expanding your repertoire and areas of operation. As you yourself heard, you were absolutely right to stay away from the subjects of compulsory purchase and compensation. The boys and girls had not come to hear about that but instead to be entertained. All in all, the dinner has gone down as the most successful which the Association has ever had. It was the first one we have ever had where we were sold out and starting a waiting list within a week of the tickets going on sale. Colin, as next year’s Chairman, has a hard act to follow tee hee!. Here’s to the next time!
With best wishes, ... Peter Scrafton
QUOTE: Hi Danny, Thanks for a great show Friday Night. The feed back this morning has been great and the Bar took more money than it had done for weeks - we had to throw people out at 2am because they didn't want to leave! .. Guy Beech
QUOTE: Hi Danny, It was great to meet you on Saturday night, I have checked out you web site and was interested to see that you have had a varied and very interesting career to date! I think that you and the girls did a great job and got the mood of the evening just right! I will have no hesitation in recommending you should the opportunity arise. your newest fan, ....Gavin Churchman
QUOTE: Danny, just a quick message from everybody at Bessborough Cricket Club to thankyou for the brilliant show that you and the girls put on at the weekend. Danny you put on a hell of a show and I can honestly say I haven't laughed that much in my life and you literally had people falling off their chairs. The girls was stunning and certainly knew how to put on a show . . . . Looking foward to having you all at the club again... James Wheeler (Bessborough CC) and SKY Sports
Danny rattles off joke after joke, one liner after one liner for his attentive audience. Moving from subject to subject, race to race his coolness belies the tangential state of topics, Sex, Race, Gender, The wife, the mother-in-law, police and just about every subject is covered that would offend the politically correct of this planet. ... more