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Gentlemen's Evening and Stagshow

Welcome to The Danny Blue Stagshow

Photographs the Lakeside show with Jim Davidson, Jimmy Jones, Mickey Pugh and Danny Blue are on this link LAKESIDE PHOTOS What an amazing night on Thursday for Care after Combat's comedy fundraiser at The Lakeside Country Club. Thank you to everyone that came and bought a raffle ticket. Your contribution raised over £2000 for Care after Combat. Keep an eye out on our website and social media groups for our 2016 events!

Jimmy Jones 2015 @ Lakeside Gents Show

Jimmy, Micky Pugh and Danny Blue

This quartet doesn't happen often... Get your tickets to see the legends of comedy battle it out for our Veteran's that have battles for us! Charity event in aid of Care after Combat! Call: 01252 836 464 and quote: MOD1 to get a free ticket with every booking.

Danny Blue along with Jim Davidson is presenting a Special Gentlemen's Evening for the Care After Combat.

This is to help to maintain and promote camaraderie in the Veterans community for those feeling vulnerable or at unrest with society.
We look to provide professional assistance where possible for the well-being of the Veteran and their family.

This show will be held over two night's @ The Lakeside Country Club Surrey and The Circus Tavern Essex.

The show will be compered by Danny Blue with comedians Mickey Pugh, Jimmy Jones and Jim Davidson. Three Lovely ladies Charlie, Morgan and Angel will be appearing also. More can be found about the charity
at the Care After Combat website

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Danny, Kevin, Roger, and Jess Conrad

Roger Kitter, who played Camilla the ugly sister in Sinderella, Captain Alberto Bertorelli in Allo Allo, has died 2nd January at the age of 64.
The actor was also known as a pantomime dame and used to regularly appear at the London Palladium.
Among those paying tribute was Bobby Davro, who said: ‘He was a very funny and talented man.’
Roger was a talented impressionist who starred in the 1970s TV series Who Do You Do and Radio 2’s The Impressionists. He also had a top 20 hit in 80's with his parody of John McEnroe’s outbursts, Chalk Dust: The Umpire Strikes Back under the name The Brat. R.I.P Roger it was a pleasure to work with you.

An afternoon and evening of racy, ridiculous and quite simply "anything goes" fun. Danny appeared along with his troupe The Oddballs Mark Gale, Adrian Doughty and a host of other act's @ Madame Jojo's in Soho. This was to raise funds for the "Beating Bowl Cancer" Charity.

Danny Blue @ Jojo's


Dave Lee Bench Fund. Over £20,000 was raised for the Bench fund for the late Dave Lee to erect a Bronze bench outside the Marlowe Theatre Canterbury Kent.The Cast of the show --

Richard Digance, Bobby Davro, David Bryne, Drew Cameron, and Jess Conrad in the Green room Winter Gardens Margate

Lee looking after the girls


My crowd last night @ Bashley Football Club. Because of a let down of promise's from team members we only had this small audience. The management were prepared to pay me off and let me go home. I told them that these people here had bought a ticket and turned up to support the club so I gave them their show, the full works. It was one of the best nights ever. Tara E. Young , Bliss and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening. It show's that quality in an audience sometimes is better than quantity, well for the artistes anyway not for the clubs purse tho. Get out and support live entertainment before it's too late.

I had some good posts re this show:-

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Jeff Howe great post
Sunday at 10:58

Angela Brewster Well done Dan! Xx
Sunday at 11:48 via mobile

Just Kaz
good on you bab !!
Sunday at 11:51

Ronnie Ackerman It just goes to show what a true professional you are. Whatever size your audience you are a funny fooker. Well done.
Sunday at 12:58

Lorraine Rickards Nice one dan.x
Sunday at 13:17 via mobile

Mark Willey quality danny
Sunday at 15:50

Robert David Vaughan Good for You Danny, I think we have all been there at some Time, and yes, Normally a Small audience is far more receptive and appreciative too !
Sunday at 17:29 ·

Jim Davidson well done dan
Sunday at 17:40 ·

Johnnie Hamp The sign of a true Pro!
Sunday at 17:43

Lorraine Rickards Majority doesn't always win eh dan.x:-)
Sunday at 18:34 via mobile

Tony Fields Comedian-Vocalist My record was Diss F.C. 4 man audience, did the show and got paid, so yes you're dead right Dan.
Sunday at 19:28

Jilly Bowling Its not good when folk let you down especially when you and your team work so hard Danny... x
Sunday at 19:35

Keith Lebbell ·
Good one true pro . In 1984 the band I was in Hollywood played at the Phoenix Dereham to a crowd of six people was hard but we did the gig
Sunday at 20:18 via mobile

20th October 2012

Comedy night in Emonton with Tony Fields. It was great catching up with Tony after all these years. It's rare these day that I get to work with other comic's as the finances are not there in clubland for the bigger shows. The days of two or three comedians on a show are just a memory. Maybe they will come back, who know's.

Quote from Tony Fields:- Great night with a fellow 'old school' entertainer, the legend that is Mr Danny Blue. Just shows that proper comedy still has a place in entertainment..

Sad News: ..........
Comedian Dave Lee dies after cancer fight 16th January 2012

It is very sad that I have to announce that the great Comedian and friend Dave Lee has died. Dave and I go back many years as performers. I was on the road with him during all the Jim Davidson Sinderella tours. During these tours he ask me along with the Oddballs to appear in his charity show Happy holidays at the Marlowe theatre in Canterbury. We appeared in all his shows and The Oddballs became a bit of a fixture. He knew he never had to ask and yearly I would get his call and he just told me the date. Dave was the life and soul of the party and always had a gag to tell. He will be missed.”A tireless fundraiser, he raised more than £2m for charity through his Dave Lee Happy Holidays - which raises money to provide trips for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children. Dave Lee started his career as a drummer and singer and had several records released. He went on to form his own comedy show band as lead singer and impressionist.It was a chance meeting with Eric Morecambe that changed Mr Lee’s life forever. Eric watched Dave performing with his group and advised him to start a solo career as a comedian or actor in his own right. He began his TV career as a warm up man for Michael Parkinson, Michael Aspel and Jimmy Tarbuck. After this, he appeared in front of the cameras in his own right on the likes Des O’Connor Tonight, the Generation Game, Celebrity Squares, A Royal Gala for HRH Prince Charles, Live from the Palladium, The Brian Conley Show, Big Break, Only Joking, Davro on the Box, Des and Mel and recently hosting is own golfing series Through The Green, plus many more.

Entertaing the Birtish troops Germany

Danny flew to Germany to entertain our troops JHQ at the sergeants mess and Shannon's bar in Elmpt garrison this show was for the military and also military that work for the NAAFI.

Sergeants mess Rheindahlen JHQ Germany
Rheindahlen is situated in Germany 's Industrial Heartland of North Rhine Westphalia, near Mönchengladbach. To the East lies the fashionable up-market city of Düsseldorf and to the West lies Holland and the Benelux countries.
After the War ended in May 1945, it was necessary to have a Headquarters for the British Occupation Forces and so they started to build JHQ Rheindahlen in the early 1950s. It was eventually ready for occupation in October 1954 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2004. Thirty-one people were injured after a 300-lb car bomb exploded on 23 March 1987 near the officers' mess. The IRA later stated it had carried out the bombing.


Danny on BBC1 The Big Question disscussing whether comedians should be allowed to tell jokes about gay people.

Tanya Perry and her sister Stephanie, both are raising money and awareness for The National Spinal Centre in Aylesbury. We are raising money for the unit as it's a cause we really care about and the people there some of the bravest people you could meet and we want to raise money to help them. We are doing this in conjuction with Miss England

Danny on Political Correctness

Political Correctness Professor Christie Davies of the Social Affairs Unit think-tank is concerned that political correctness is making many Comedians hesitant about sharing their humour.

One Liners

Danny is totally uninhibited and whenever he has the microphone, political correctness is out the window. Danny will joke about any topics including, the wife, the mother-in-law, sex, and even political incorrectness. What makes him so funny is that his observations on life are so blatantly accurate. This loud comedian never holds back, which is why people can't get enough of him. Danny's first time on stage as a comedian was to a packed house at a comedy club in Surrey, and he destroyed the room. Since that night, he hasn't looked back. "I love stand-up", Danny says, "I love the old main stream type of comedy, postcard humour, putting words in a sequence to make the audience shudder into laughter and disbelief that I have actually just said that". Some comics have trouble projecting themselves on stage, but Danny has enormous charisma. His only obstacle is making people stop laughing long enough for him to deliver the next joke